Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tis the Day

Tis the day before my birthday
and all through the land
I've been sprinkling sunshine, 
As much as I can!

I've been posting on Facebook
of things funny or queer
things of importance
of what happened that year

the year I was born, 
nineteen fifty eight
it seems rather important
to make note of the date.

Tonight I will party
oh what fun it will be!
tomorrow will just 
be my sweetie n' me!

So, I need to get ready
you know how it goes
a birthday girl has 
to be on her toes!

Make Up and Hair
and Fancy Clothes
Jewelry and Perfume
but NO panty hose!!

Rockin' Robyn is ready
no need to fear!
I think 55 might be my
very best year!!

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