Saturday, November 23, 2013

Giving Thanks ~ Week 4

One thing that has been confirmed for me this week is the power of memory. As I have carried out the theme of posting each Saturday my week of thanks, I'd write the post all week long, adding to the list almost every day till I was ready to post it.  This week, however, I did not write anything until Friday evening and then I found myself grasping for recall. Slowly, as the brain-fog lifted and I saw clear back to Sunday, I was properly chagrined. I had an awesome week with many, many things to give thanks for. To not remember them is a shame. The lesson in this is that I need to pause more often, take stock in my surroundings and give praise and thanksgiving to the One who supplies all my needs.

We spent a delightful afternoon visiting our 2 year old grandson (and his daddy and mommy). He is talking up a storm and repeats the cutest things that he has garnered along the way of watching the world in front of him.

Bennett brought the blanket to us because he wanted us to all be 'cozy-wozy'

Given the fact that 8 or 9 weeks ago, we dove right into some rather heavy stuff with our newly formed small group, we thought it would be fun to backtrack a little and enjoy some lighter fare as we celebrated the wrap up of our study. So...
Have you ever played the Ungame? It's a conversation starter/ice breaker type game, designed to stimulate interesting conversation and get to know one another better. Questions range from the light hearted (if you received $5000 as a gift, how would you spend it?) to the deeper probing ones (what lifetime dream are you still trying to make come true?)  We had a lot of fun going around the room drawing cards and sharing our answers. And we learned a lot more about each other. Always a good thing!

this greeted me as I returned from my morning walk!

Girlfriends and chocolate. Need I say more?

my Tuesday Morning Life Group

This was a fun day. My sister and I went over to my friends home in the afternoon and worked on the details of a party that they are throwing me next month in honor of a milestone birthday! The theme is "What Happened in 1958?"  Turns out I was born the same year that the Hula Hoop was invented... and that's all I am going to say for now.

a long phone conversation with my daughter.
Precepts Bible Study
Skyping with the grandkids.
It's all good!

To this I will add  that after the bible study my sister and I chatted with one of our class leaders who mentioned she wants to form a Christian Writers group in the new year that will meet monthly to encourage one another. This is very exciting!!

Hubby was called back in for a second interview which took place Friday morning!! He also learned it is between him and one other person for the position. Trying to just remain calm and not fret over it as we probably wont hear anything before Thanksgiving.

We've been enduring a serious COLD snap all week and our house is hard to keep warm. We rely on our woodstove for heat pretty much exclusively but this week found us pulling out our little electric space heaters.

My morning walks seem to happen a little later each day as I wait for the temps to rise just a wee bit. We've had some marvelous sunshine each day though and the glistening frost on the grass and fallen leaves has a beauty all of it's own.

I am thankful for warm blankets, mittens, hot chocolate, and wood fires.
I am thankful for friends, for family, for books to read and books to share.
Thankful for plans in the works for our Thanksgiving gathering next week.

How about you?

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