Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Countdown Begins...

There is a long list and a short week ahead of us. Bruce leaves this Thursday to Honduras for his 3 week mission adventure. He flies out at midnight arriving in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa  the afternoon of the 12th.

While I do not look forward to the good bye not the 3 weeks without him here, I am amazed by the work God has done in both our lives to bring us to this moment. What God has done in my heart is nothing short of miraculous considering how hard set I was against this! Bruce too has certainly had his share of misgivings. But as he said one night as we struggled with the impasse we seemed to be at, while he didn't like being in opposition with me, he was more concerned with NOT being in the center of God's Will. And the one thing he was 100% sure of was this: God has called him to this assignment.

So, this is the week to get ready. Some things have already been taken care of; plane tickets, immunizations, travel insurance. But with the last work project neatly wrapped up last Friday, we can now launch full speed ahead into preparation for departure.

Believing that all things start and end with prayer, we were blessed and gratified to be prayed over by our church family last night. Pastor Steve called Bruce up to the front to share briefly where he was going and why, then I was asked to come up as well. Pastor spoke about how when King David went into battle (1 Samuel 30) there were soldiers who did not go to fight but stayed behind 'with the stuff' to watch over it-- and David decreed that they would receive equal share in the reward. Steve said I was staying behind to take care of the stuff and would be rewarded for my faithfulness just as Bruce will for his obedience in going to serve.  I needed to hear this I guess -- my heart was filled with wonder and praise... not to mention, there were big ol' alligator tears threatening to fall by the time the prayer was done.

So what is Bruce going to Honduras for? What will he be doing while he is there? Excellent questions! I will cover that in more detail in posts to come but rest assured, what he is going for is construction related. For now, you can check out the website of our friends, Terry and Alexandra Mattson with: SOR Missions
 Bruce will be staying with them and they are the reason he is going down to work.

Meanwhile, today was the first day in sorting what to take.... now when I get ready to go somewhere I plan out my wardrobe, mixing and matching to get the most from what I'll take. My husband on the other hand has a small pile of socks, underwear, work clothes and such and is spending much more time coordinating his tool bag! Ah, the difference between men and women.

Stay tuned... this week is going to go much too fast.

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