Friday, April 5, 2013

Get Out, Be Daring, Meet A New Friend

I'm an introvert but most people don't believe that about me. Because I can be loud, perky, excitable and gregarious, most folks think I must be an extrovert. Nope. I am loud, I am perky and excitable and most of the time very gregarious but when my battery runs dead, LOOK OUT!!

In my job at the post office I am behind the scenes and it suits me just fine. Retail, customer service, connecting with the people is fine but I burn out so fast and it takes me longer and longer to bounce back, so I love the fact that my job allows me to prowl around in the back of the building, sneaking junk mail into your post office box and never really coming face to face with you.

Of course, when I DO come face to face with someone, I'm smiles all the way. I just breathe a BIG sigh of relief that it's not a full time requirement of my job to do so.

Perhaps that is part of the charm of Facebook. I can connect--- at leisure-- with all my family and friends and when I have had enough, I just close the lid on my laptop and take a break. Facebook has allowed me to cultivate friendships with a few folks I've never met, which sounds kinda scary but bloggers do it all the time!

I have been a part of an online photo sharing group on Facebook for some time now. Each month a list is posted with an assigned prompt for each day. We photograph it and then share it in the facebook group. It's fun, it's challenging and we learn from each others photos. The rules are simple: one photo a day, taken by you, to be posted under the prompt of the day. There are over 100 members in this group now but not everyone contributes every day. I'd say there's a strong handful of daily regular contributors, folks who are crazy about photography like me!

this was our March Photo Challenge list

I love seeing what each person finds for that day's prompt. I love learning about the people in the group as they reveal bits and pieces of themselves through the photos they take and share. And lastly, I like that because of the photo group, some new friendships have been forged.

I discovered not long after a friend of a friend joined the group, that we were practically neighbors. She lives just up the mountain in a gated community. We became facebook friends outside of the group and started messaging each other and said someday we hoped we'd meet. She's a snowbird so I knew it wouldn't take place in the winter months but spring is here and the snowbird is back in her mountain top home.

little storage building hubby built this past week.
 It so happens that hubby has been working on a building project up in the same gated community this past week. Yesterday he called asking me if I could bring him some tools. I obliged and since I was, literally, in the neighborhood, I thought I'd see if I could find this friends home! (I would not have done this if some communication hadn't already taken place between us to assure me that I could come by anytime!)

Without too much trouble, I did locate Judy's home, recognizing it from all her pictures, of course. What a fun surprise to knock on her door and watch her face when she opened it and found me standing there. I was a little nervous, wondering if she'd mind this unplanned surprise but she was truly delighted. And so was I!

I was looking for the treehouse and I spotted it!

We fell into fast and furious conversation despite never having met before. I met her husband and then Judy led me outside to see her treasured treehouse.

Judy posing at the steps of the treehouse.

This is amazing!!! If I had this in my backyard it is where I would spend all my afternoons, writing or reading!

With my sister coming in just a couple of weeks, and she being in the same photo challenge group, and having made friends with other members as well, including Judy, we have now planned a get together at Judy's home. So excited!!

inside the treehouse, photo by Judy

Yes, I'm sure I'll come home ready to flop on the couch with a giant DO NOT DISTURB sign but it will still be an awesome gathering. And my sister is of the introverted nature herself so I will share my sign with her and we'll veg together.

Yesterdays brave venture was well worth it. What is done in the name of friendship always is.

me, with my new friend!


  1. You are a wonderful person Robyncita and have lots of great gifts that God has given you since the foundation of the world. I love you the way you are. You are a great friend!

  2. Wow! What a treat it was to meet the fabulous Robyn! She and I discovered via Face Book that we had many similar interests: writing, photography, nature and prayer, not to mention COFFEE. When I realized she lived near me in the Mount Baker Foothills, I was thrilled. When my hubby and I returned to our summer home, top on my agenda was contacting and meeting Robyn, but before I got around to it, she showed up at my door! I am really looking forward to seeing her and her California sister, when she comes to visit. I also want to thank Robyn for the great pictures she took of me on my treehouse steps.

  3. How beautiful upon the mountain, indeed! When I found out on Facebook that Robyn and I shared so many interests: prayer, photography, writing, nature and COFFEE, I was thrilled to discover that she lived near me in the Mount Baker Foothills. I was so excited to meet her. When my hubby and I returned to our Glacier home, after spending most of the winter in CA. and AZ., meeting Robyn was at the top of my "to do" list, but before I got around to contacting her, she showed up at my door! Robyn is a spectacular person and I am blessed to be able to call her 'friend'. I am really looking forward to spending the day with her and her California sister later this month.


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