Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Morning

cork from Mad Housewife Wine bottle
I had a rough night. Perhaps I was still jazzed from the work-day event on Saturday, though I did allow myself a long hot soak in a scented bubble bath, along with candles, wine, chocolate and special music... But still sleep was late in coming. Then...around 2am I woke up itching.

I have one finger that seems to love to do a little hives-break out every now and again, usually after exposure to any chemicals. (Probably the bubble bath). The itching didn't subside so up I got to put some anti-itch cream on it. Nestled back down under the covers and was just about back to la-la land when my cell phone started buzzing and ringing.

What the heck? It's that new smart phone that I still have not figured all out yet and apparently it has some alarms set to alert me to danger! This was an Amber Alert for the Montana area and while I was irritated by the alarms waking me up even more, I said a prayer for rescue and safety and disarmed my phone. And once the adrenaline had stopped pumping tried again to find sleep.

lurking cat plotting evil
Then the unmistakable sounds of my cat alerted me to the fact that he had something to show me. Toddy makes this low-throated rumbly noise when he wants attention. This was an ongoing rumbly noise and I knew he was up to something. flicked on the light and saw the 'toy' he'd caught lying there beside him. I tried at first to ignore it all but as soon as I laid down and closed my eyes some very raucous playing ensued. I realized my only hope was to catch the 'toy'.

sister reacts to sight of giant spider on ceiling
Oh, husband, where art thou? I muttered, thinking of the engine light that came on the night I dropped him off at the shuttle bus and the giant moth the cat brought in and released that first night.Thinking of the ginormous spider that terrorized my sister and I one morning as we sat in the living room and the hair-rising rescue that took place in ensuring our safety. Thinking, husband, you so owe me, I set about to capture the mouse... and I will admit it was a teeny tiny mouse, but a rodent nonetheless and one I wanted G.O.N.E.

Without any help from Toddy, I caught the 'toy' using an empty nut container and it's lid, moved quickly and efficiently to the front door where it had a little flying lesson out into the night. Toddy was of course right at my heels wondering what Momma was doing with HIS Toy.... I scooped Toddy up and deposited him in the garage, locking his pet-door into the house. Oh what a mean momma I am but in the middle of the night this momma don't mess around.

This morning, all is calm and quiet. I have had a sweet email from my hubby, followed by my coffee and watched the morning unfurl before me as I sipped it. I have listened to an amazing choir of birds greet the day and also enjoyed the song "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord O My Soul) by Matt Redmond on YouTube. Soon I will mosey up the mountain to join my amazing brothers and sisters in Christ as we worship together. I know my beloved is likely doing the same in Honduras and I pray for his safety and blessings. May you all have a blessed Sunday.

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