Saturday, April 27, 2013

meanwhile, here on the homefront...

To say I feel blessed by the people in my life is a giant understatement. And to think I have done anything to deserve it would erase the grace factor that carries me. What is happening in Honduras, with my husband and his team is a*m*a*z*i*n*g and what is happening in my own yard is blowing me away as well.

To read Bruce's latest blog post on the work of the team in Honduras, please use this link. I posted 2 entries in one day, one is full of great pictures, but the other post is a heart breaking, heart stopping, heart warming account of all they are experiencing and I don't want that to get lost in the shuffle.

Meanwhile, here on the home front, I was on the receiving end of a service project of my own. Every Saturday my husband attends and helps lead a men's breakfast/bible study and at least once a month if not more, they also do a service project of some sort, helping people in the community with whatever needs fixing. Yard clean up, trips to the dump, home repairs, you name it, these guys jump in with strong backs, willing hands and humble hearts. But this time, these men were all about giving back to their fearless leader; my husband.

And so, they came, with lawn mowers, weed eaters, rakes and excavators. They mowed and weed whacked and removed dead trees, they cut up wood and cleaned out gutters and the chimney and even fixed hubby's spark-plug missing car.

 But the Piece de resistance was 2 truckloads of gravel poured and smoothed out in our lumpy bumpy driveway. Lakes be gone!

I am tickled beyong words for the work done here today. I know how much these guys love my husband and today they showed it in action.

This is friendship. This is church. This is joy!

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