Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Byes Just Aren't Fun!

my sister my mom and me!

My sister left today, headed back to Southern California. We had an AWESOME week and I am going to be savoring and processing our time together for some time to come. It was a time for treasuring. whoot whoot!

One groovy thing about having my sister here was that it distracted me from the fact that my husband is not. The emails between he and I have been short and quick and not very satisfying to say the least. We did have a sweet skype date last night with a much better connection than we've had previously. I have made it to the halfway point of his absence and hope the next week and a half will go as quickly as the first half has gone.

The things he has shared with me about the people he has met, and the abject poverty in which they live is so foreign to me, even after experiencing a small taste of this while in Macedonia and Costa Rica. The lives so many of the Hondurans live is beyond what most of us can really take in. I listen as he shares what he has witnessed and I can't even begin to truly process it. I can't imagine what my husband is feeling as he sees it day after day...

For a more indepth look at what the mission of SOR does I would encourage you to visit their website, and especially tour their picture page. (each thumbnail picture can be clicked on to make bigger for your viewing pleasure) This website is updated on a weekly basis and the work Terry (Mateo) and Alexandra do is amazing.

So, yes,,,,tonight my house is very quiet and I am both grateful and sad. Grateful for some downtime to reflect on my visit with my sister, on what God is doing in Honduras in the lives of the people, including those with my husband on this mission adventure, and to pray and ponder what God is also doing in my heart. But sad for the good byes and the separation and the time that must pass till we are all back together again.

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  1. I loved seeing all the pictures of your adventures. And Whoot! Whoot! on the move! Praying for your mom and for your hubby's safe return (after a fruitful mission).


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