Monday, April 22, 2013

Better With Words

So the other day I posted the pictures Bruce sent me but he had inadvertently sent me the wrong file... he meant to send me pictures with WORDS on them! My poor husband... he is working to the point of exhaustion, illustrated by his admission that he dozed off in church last night and his bible slipping off his lap and slapping the ground is what woke him up. Since he was also giving part of the 'sermon' at church last night, I can only assume he did his dozing after his message!

I am missing him like crazy (even if I am keeping busy on adventures with my sister, which I will share about in a soon-to-come-post) so I appreciate every picture and every email I get.

Here are a repeat of the pictures, this time with captions to help us better understand just what it is we are looking at!

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