Friday, March 22, 2013

Pressed Down and Running Over

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Luke 6:38

When I read this verse the image comes to my mind is that of a French press coffee maker.... and if you are a coffee connoisseur like me, you may agree that a french press happens to make some of the best coffee ever... I see the coffee being compacted tightly as the press comes down and  water seeps through the grounds and then at just the right time, out pours some of the richest, most delicious brew.... 

I'm still processing yesterdays surprise blessings. I am thinking of the song by the Gaithers' that goes "I can never, never out love the Lord." He gives and keeps on giving. 

I don't know why I have had to endure this period of turmoil. I am strong in my faith, rock solid in my belief that God always comes through, with gifts of love and provision that are more than I can imagine. His ways are not our ways and you would think I would rest in this, knowing what He decides for me is always better than what I might chose for myself. 

I think I have been in the press. Being squeezed tight till just the right time.... 

In one fell swoop, God effectively removed my objections. I told Bruce I just couldn't bring myself to sanction this mission trip unless he had a way to cover not only all the trip expenses but the lost wages for that time as well. We had no idea how that would happen... I mean, we are both working now and things have been so much more stable... but we're not overflowing in money for goodness sake! We are still pinching and budgeting and doing without on things. But here comes God, with his immeasurable love and provision... pressed down, shaken together and POURED OUT INTO OUR LAPS.

Here's what happened today... the power bill and the water bill arrived... and for some reason I can't quite figure other than we have been having to pay bills a little later than due each month, when I paid them last month, I over paid. Ever done that? You think you owe more than you really do because the new bill arrived without showing your last payment and even though you do the math you still get the wrong amount so you pay it... and the next cycle of bills come and...
it shows a ZERO balance owed.

ZERO.  I don't owe anything on my water or power bill, which aside from my house payment are usually my 2 biggest monthly expenses. 

Of course this was God orchestrating things. I am not this clever. 

So.... What can I say to a God like that? 
thank you. oh, how I thank you. Inadequate words but oh so very true.

And.... What else can I do but turn to my husband and say....  Um, honey? you know that blessing I just couldn't give you? well.... um.... this is hard but..... okay.... I'm giving it.... now, truth be told.... I'm still feeling kinda scared and unsure about this whole you being gone for so long so would you just hold me and assure me that it's really gonna be alright? 

(reader friends, you can pray for both of us... his safety for this trip, my peace of mind while he's away)

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