Saturday, March 30, 2013

Loose Ends

  • Mom's surgical procedure for the skin cancer was taken care of Thursday. She has 12 stitches and did very well with the whole thing. We went to Walmart after for her prescriptions and she found a rocking chair in the baby furniture section to sit in while I ran around collecting a cart full of things I needed. She's a trooper. We go back in 2 weeks for stitch removal and follow up. 

she's a trooper

  • Got a phone call from Mom's social worker about a lead on another assisted living place that is now taking medicaid. We have an appointment to tour it next week. I'm excited. Mom is not. 

  • Hubby and I spent a productive day Wed. running errands, mostly in preparations for his mission trip. Immunizations, tools, etc. Just 2 weeks till he leaves. I have surrendered all roller-coastery type feelings to God and am moving forward as positively as I can.

  • Today we will also be running around... the baby needs new shoes. I mean Ruby Tuesday needs new shoes. I mean my car needs new tires. I'm excited for this to happen which tells you  a) how rough my car is driving with 2 bald tires. b) how dull my life is when I'm not working. 

  • I am gaining confidence in using my new smart phone. I am starting to really like it. And possible I have lost some weight in my fingers. 

learning how to use the camera AND post them to facebook. all while at work... shameless. 

  • My camilla bush is blooming. My lawn desperately needs mowing. I washed my car in the sunshine yesterday. All definite signs that Spring has Sprung!

taken on Friday. will it bloom for Easter?

  • Last night I went to supper with friends and then on to Good Friday Worship Service. It was both solemn and joyous. Looking forward to Worship Sunday morning as we celebrate the full meaning of Resurrection Sunday and the Hope that is Christ Jesus.

Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN.

taken today (Sat.)

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  1. Prayers for Mom, she looks so cute laying there. But that arm looks pretty painful.


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