Wednesday, March 27, 2013

i have fat fingers

or by another title: new phone brings new challenges.

you know you have reached that age when you are upset over new things. I get after my mother all the time.... let me repeat that:  All. The. Time. for being resistant to change and doing things a different way... so it's now coming back to bite me as I struggle to learn some new technology.

Yes. I upgraded to a smart phone and feel too dumb to use it. Aggghhhh!!!

the droid razr m. look at all those options!?!

But I won't give up. look how far I've come so far.....

I managed to backup all my contacts on the old phone, activate and download to the new phone, figure out how to make phone calls, receive phone calls and hang up, send and retrieve texts, take a picture and even download Instagram and access to the internet (facebook in my pocket oh my) but it's still so.... well... it's not streamlined yet. And my chubby little finger tips slide all over but where I really want them to be. And that's just my phone, never mind poor hubby's who is the reason we upgraded in the first place. His phone was definitely dying and dying fast and he NEEDS that phone for his business. We decided if we were gonna upgrade, we might as well do us both at the same time to keep that contract in sync.

All he wanted was a replacement of the phone he had. Oh, but you know technology.... that phone was OBSOLETE. We went with the latest edition of his phone... and that's where the trouble begins. He doesn't have the time --or the patience-- for messing with this. I stayed up way too past my bedtime last night in an effort to streamline his phone... the poor guy just wants to make calls and send the occasional text and picture. He doesn't want all those bells and whistles. I'm chuckling and maybe you are too and I promise, we are not laughing at you, Hubby dear. It's just so ridiculous, trying to keep life simple when simple doesn't seem to be an option anymore.

if I had a kid at home I'd just hand him the phone and tell him to fix it!


but with fortitude and google, I shall learn these new-newfangled contraptions and over come.... but, if I reach my limit, would anyone happen to have a 12 year old I can borrow?

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