Thursday, March 7, 2013

it's a chai latte kind of day

and time for a little 'me' time. you know what they say: all work and no play makes Robyn a dull girl. Actually it makes me cranky, as my husband (or my sister) might be the first to attest to!! So today, a little pampering took place.

I had a FREE massage to indulge in right after work this morning. massage is always good. free is even better. because I am friends with someone who is going through the massage program at our local college, and because she and another student need people to practice on... well, I have managed to score some wonderfully relaxing and beneficial massages in the last few months. Lovely.

After my massage, I dropped off a basket of clothing at one the consignment stores I like to frequent. found a delightful little turquoise cardigan to brighten up my spring wardrobe. traveled on a little further and secured a corner table at my favorite coffee shop. Armed with the Wi-Fi code and the chai latte, the rest of the afternoon stretches before me. Deeeee-lightful.

I have been continuing to process my husbands upcoming mission trip. Yep, he is definitely going to Honduras next month. And.... I'm still not 100% on board. I still think the timing is wrong for us. While the house he is currently working on will be wrapped up by the end of this month and the next job is not slated to start till the end of April, it still feels like a gamble for him to go. I know how long it takes us to bounce back financially after a hiatus from work of any length. We have discussed this trip and our widely different feelings and views on it and not moved any closer to a place of agreement. It's a very uncomfortable feeling for both of us.

What we have reached is a compromise of sorts. I have decided he has heard enough of my feelings on the subject and what he needs from me now is support. I may not be able to give a whole hearted blessing but I can offer prayer. I may not be able to get excited about it but I can refrain from any more negative comments.

I was also impressed upon with the thought that I do trust my husband. I recognize and accept his role as spiritual leader and head of the household. Because of that, I know that he is the one who will be held accountable for decisions made, good or bad. I am trusting that while I don't think this is the best decision (to go on this trip at this particular time) it isn't the worst decision either. I can trust that God will use this situation to bring something out of it that gives Him the ultimate glory.

Coming to this place of resolution does bring me some measure of peace. Add to this a massage and a lovely cup of chai tea and I think it doesn't matter anymore that today it's raining.


  1. I think you did the best thing Robyn with your attitude about the upcoming mission trip; its one of those things to just agree to disagree about it and not let the ugly roots of bitterness overtake the situation.


  2. You've entered a place of peace within. Most important location for peace to reside. :)


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