Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Mom Update

about 5 weeks ago Mom mentioned to me almost offhandedly that she needed help changing a band aid on her arm. Turned out the band aid was for a mole that had begun to bleed. I think we all know enough about moles to know that if one changes, it warrants a visit to the doctor. I got her to her primary care physician the next day and he said to give it a couple of weeks and see if it healed on it's own.

at week 4 when I checked the mole, I was not impressed with what I was seeing... in fact, my tummy kinda flip-flopped, as I don't do 'gross' very well. I called her Doctor back and he recommended a couple of dermatologists to see. Well, both of the places I called had appointments 6 weeks out. SIX WEEKS? I called Mom's PCP back and asked what other options we had. I really didn't want this suspicious looking mole waiting that long. The Dr. gave me a couple names of dermatologists in the next county.(about a 30 from mom's house)  the first one I called had an appointment for the following week and I snatched it up.

Mom was seen by the dermatologist yesterday. The doctor was exceptionally nice but she didn't mince words. A biopsy was needed to confirm but just looking at it to her trained eye, she was pretty sure it was basil cell carcinoma. A biopsy was done right then and there-- very non-invasive and relatively pain free. We will know more in a couple of weeks.

since then I have been doing my home work via google research. Skin Cancer is so very common and basal cell carcinoma is very treatable. the danger comes in letting things go undetected for too long and giving the cancer opportunity to grow deeper in the tissue. I am grateful we were able to get Mom in so quickly and was impressed with the quality treatment of everyone working there in the clinic.

Mom, of course, acted like the whole thing was a lot of fall-de-rall for something that wasn't really bleeding. (bleeding as in gushing down her arm in an unstoppable fashion) She was much more interested in telling the nurse and the doctor her Tattoo story.(a fake tattoo she applies every couple of weeks to her ankle) (worthy of it's own post some day)

now, if I may, please be watchful of any moles you might have, little or big.

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  1. Good reminder to watch for moles!! Glad to hear that your mom's might not be "too serious" but good to have it taken care of!



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