Saturday, February 9, 2013

sick AND grumpy

I've been pulled under by a sneak attack of a head cold. Thankful for co-workers who covered me Friday so I could just REST. (NyQuil induced coma pretty much all day) Today I am feeling much better. Head is clearer and body not quite so achy. Perhaps the heaping helping of hot chocolate mix in my coffee is helping a bit. ;)

right now my house is quiet as hubby is still at his Sat. Morning Men's breakfast/bible study.I know there is a ton of desk work waiting for me in the office and thankfully yesterday was a payday so it won't be a futile attempt at bill sorting, but rather "let's pay these things!" Still it requires some energy and brain power that my body doesn't quite feel up to yet. So I sit, sipping my mocha and reflecting on my week...

I chose the word "grateful" for 2013. I'm not so sure I'm doing a very good job of giving credit where credit it due. I'm not sure I've been very focused on the positives. I think a severe case of the grumpies has invaded my thought process and there have been some deep dark shadows across my path.

I've been snippy with my husband, even down right mean. I've been lacking patience and grace with my mother and I've been consumed by worries about things I have no control over. I'm still not in a good place about hubby's decision to go on the mission trip to Honduras and quite frankly, may not ever be. I've been stretched to the limits with the responsibilities connected to my mother. And even though I really like my job, the one day a week off just isn't enough down time to snap back feeling fully refreshed.

Huh. No wonder I feel grumpy.

Well, in an effort to shake the grumpies, I signed up for something I spotted on Hanna's blog, Bouffee e Bambini called Happify . It has daily challenges-- ways to make you focus on the positives in your life. It's been fun but I have not had as much time to spend on it as I thought I would. It's not a game but does require some effort and thoughts put into each task. It's good stuff but I have felt so consumed by LIFE that breaking away for anything, even my writing, has been a chore. The irony in this has been that the track I chose to work on this week at Happify is on coping with stress better. Ha Ha!

One fun happy exciting uplifting thing I did in the past week was this~~~a fabulous new 'do! short n' sassy just the way I like it, plus high-lights and low-lights to really change things up. I've been going to Bobbie at The Salon Next Door now for about 15 years -- that's a long time to be with one hair stylist, but she always does a great job!

~hubby snapped this picture during one of my less grumpy moments~

I also had coffee with a good friend this week, got in a quick retail therapy fix and had some very satisfying phone conversations with extended family-- all designed to boost my self esteem and confidence. but I also had 2 days in a row with my mom, one was our weekly planned day, the other a sort of emergency-take-her-to-the-doctor-to-make-sure-everything-is-ok-day. and then... the attack of the cold/flu thing....

camera phone-- not the greatest, but this is the awesome little scarf I got on my retail therapy outing.

Oh, man, have I been whining? It's a weakness of mine I guess....
but I AM grateful that I know the CURE for that!!

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