Friday, February 22, 2013

right where it belongs

for over a year it sat broken and forlorn in my jewelry chest.
it broke my heart-- and his-- to not be wearing it.
My finger felt bare. naked. sad.
some sort of allergic reaction -- an insect bite?-- had caused my wedding ring finger to swell
and the ring had to be cut off!!!
we had to wait for funds to get it fixed.
And there always seemed to be something else that needed the money more.
Silly things like, oh, I don't know....
car brakes and power bills, groceries and insurance??
But finally the day came where we said
this month that ring is going to get fixed!! 

it didn't make it for Valentines Day
and that's O.K.

because we celebrate a much more important date in just a couple of weeks.

Yes, our engage-aversary is coming up in March

and it feels awesome to have my wedding ring back on my finger...

right where it belongs!

coming soon.... the ridiculously romantic re-telling of one couples romp into romance... happy ending and all!


  1. That's sweet that you have your ring back. It's beautiful and I'm glad you have it back in time to celebrate...

    I had to have mine cut off and redone a few pounds ago :)

    I know what you mean about things popping up and causing expense. This month we had to...get our dryer fixed, get a new water heater installed and get a new do-hickey in the pick up truck it was a tiny part but of course they had to take apart the transmission to put the new one in....

    But when it all comes down to it.. we're all healthy and happy and I have a roof over my head..and my ring on my finger too so I'm good!!

  2. So neat you were able to get it fixed! Looks great on your finger!


  3. Aww! I'm glad it got fixed. I don't know why but blogger was giving me I was unable to read your posts since December. I don't know why, but am glad it's fixed. :)


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