Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Going AWOL

I feel like I've been missing in the blog-world. Goodness, the last time I posted was last week!

Life has been busy.... let's see, we...

  • painted the bathroom over the weekend...(pictures later... it's a work in progress)
  • hosted our small group for potluck-planning-praying-preparing time (the same day we tackled the painting!! crazy!!)
  • kicked off a NEW small group bible study (building teamwork in marriage-- exciting!)
  • celebrated (via long distance) a certain 14-year-old grandson's birthday!!
  • shopped for airline tickets to bring said birthday boy to visit this summer!!! (grandma/grandpa camp!)
  • had a Mom-Day.... ( prayer needed)
  • and a host of other little activities all designed to keep us hopping and reminding us that we are alive, well and living a good life.

How about you?

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