Saturday, December 29, 2012

R&R Part 2

Sunday's Adventure: Tortuguero Canal

Tortuguero is located on the Northern East coast of Costa Rica. East Coast as in..... the Caribbean. We spent the greater part of our Sunday there, exploring via the canals. What an amazing place.  It's been likened to the Amazon. We traveled through the Rain Forest of Braulio Carrillo National Park to get to the providence of Limon, where we abandoned our tour bus in favor of a canal boat.

I wish I could remember the names of all the different birds we saw. I wish I could remember all the delightful facts our tour guide gifted us with! I wish I could have taken more pictures!! It was such a treat to just sit back and feast our eyes on all that lay before us.

It was a warm day but breezy and rainy-- um, hello, it's the Rain Forest!! Good thing we're from Washington. But warm rain is much better than cold rain. Still, once you are wet.... there were a few chilly moments but I think my goosebumps were more related to the spectacular sights than cooler temperatures!

For me, the highlight of the tour was the walk through the quaint village of Tortuguero. About 4500 people reside on this island that is only reached via boat or plane. They have their own medical clinic, school and plenty of little eateries. I wish we could have stayed there longer and explored. The beach was the best part. I DID put my feet in the Caribbean Sea but it's not good for swimming.... rough surf, strong currents and.... sharks!!  The beach here is THE key nesting site to 4 different species of sea turtles, 2 of which are endangered. It was not turtle nesting season but it was still fascinating to learn about it.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll stop talking and start sharing.....

our tour guide Jungle Tom did an exceptional job of educating and entertaining us.

ready to roll the river!

better than the Disneyland Jungle Cruise!!

just a few of the scads of birds we saw! the one on the left, wings outstretched is drying his wings.

We went up and down several canals, then beached at the village of Tortuguero, inhabited by approx 4500 people.

Mr. Iguana sunning himself. 

Mr. Green Iguana!

Cute little froggie riding on our boat. He liked Bruce's orange jacket!

the Love-Burkes at the Caribbean!!

Spider Monkey (center) and the giant hairy ball is the 3 toed sloth.

Caribbean Sea Beach~ Land of Turtles.


  1. Gorgeous pictures!!! For our 20th anniversary Sam and I went to Puerto Rico--and this reminds me so much of it. Glad the Love Burkes could get in some quality husband and wife time!

    1. it was a very sweet way to end our mission trip! thank you Lisa!!


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