Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Bruce!

Today is the birthday of the Love of my Life! I won't say his age, because he's a little sensitive about it. Instead, I thought I would name reasons why I love him... one for each year. (I know, I'm so clever!!)

1. he makes me laugh
2. i love his heart for other people
3. he listens. really really listens.
4. his gentle spirit
5. his kindness, for everyone... even those who don't 'deserve' it.

6. his strong work ethic
7. he is honest.
8. loyal
9. forgiving
10. A man after God's own heart.

11. his commitment to growing in his faith
12. willing to be stretched
13 and step out of his comfort zone in the name of Jesus!
14. great sense of humor (a little "far-sided" but that's even better)
15. I love and admire his ability to build things!

16. And those things he builds are ALWAYS works of art!
17. "heart of gold" and "salt of the earth" were just cliches I didn't really get till I met him.
18. he thinks I'm beautiful
19. he irons his own clothes!
20. he can add-- and subtract--- in his head!! (amazes me, totally amazes me)

21. he does the driving on long trips
22. he makes me coffee... and even pours it and brings it to me some mornings.
23. he knows the names of every old muscle car on the road.(not that I care about old cars, it's just that he has this information tucked away in his head)
24. likewise for all the names of the old songs
25. his patience

26. his goofy persona with kids (and cats)
27. he volunteers... for all kinds of things!
28. hard working
29. common sense!!
30. his desire to get to know others, find out what makes them tick

31. his follow through in making that happen.
32. puts others first.
33. his killer French Toast!
34. he's humble.
35.  not afraid to 'look foolish' ;)

36. he tithes.
37. he reads his bible
38. he prays.
39. worships whole heartedly
40. loves the outdoors

41. he gives second chances (and third, fourth, fifth....)
42. he keeps no record of wrong.
43. one of the very best dad's (and grandpa's)  I've ever met.

44. creative
45. did I mention he makes me laugh?  well, it's worth mentioning again, because laughter is so important. and he is a very funny man.

46. he shows his emotions.
47. he has what I call 'steel-velvet' -- he is soft and gentle where soft and gentle is needed, but he is strong and unbendable where needed as well. important!!
48. totally flexible.
49. strong defender of what's right.
50. he has this amazing ability to separate emotions and facts and concentrate on the facts so that decisions can be made for the right reasons.

51. his gift of compassion and mercy is huge.
51. power tools!!
52. his administrative talents are a god-send.
53. everybody likes him!
54. he's good to my mother.
55. he encourages me to pursue my dreams and passions

56. he's a country boy at heart.

and finally, but not the last reason by far....

57. the way he looks at me, like I'm The Prize he can't believe he won.

Happy Birthday My Love~~ may you be blessed in this next year, beyond measure.
 I love you. 

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