Friday, November 16, 2012

Things are Tiggerific!

While the whole incident with L&I still makes my blood boil, I am happy to say that I have bounced back to my usual joyful Tiggery-self. I am a glass half full kind of gal and I will never let life defeat me. I may get knocked down but I always, ALWAYS bounce back!!
It helps to have girlfriends who keep me laughing and inspired.
I was so excited to have some of those lovely ladies share the afternoon with me today. We sat around my table drinking coffee and nibbling delectable goodies, talking and laughing. Lots of laughing. Who can explain the way of a room full of women? ;) One of them brought me a bottle of wine, along with the plate of homemade fudge. What a gal! She said she figured I could use it after the week I'd had.

I tell ya, Wednesday was NOT a very good day!! I'd already vented plenty in my post that morning, but then I had to suck it up and go to town to take my mom to the doctor. Days with my mother always demand a certain amount of patience, and long suffering. I was a little scared that in my mood I would have neither. LOL. BUT!!! I held it together pretty good... despite a very near crushing experience on the freeway, involving a merging Semi-Truck, that came into my lane quite unexpectedly, forcing me onto a skinny piece of shoulder. Talk about SCARY!!! I am sure it's that the truck driver didn't see me but that does nothing to take away the fear factor as I see this monstrous truck moving into my lane practically on top of me! AAAAAGGGHH!!!!

Anyway, it was a long rough day and I am not proud of the meltdown I had when I finally arrived home, hungry, tired, shaky and drained. The last straw that night was when I walked into the kitchen and found the yummy chicken soup I'd made the day before was all gone. Not that I would begrudge my sick-with-a-cold-husband a bowl of nourishing soup.... but  I was really looking forward to a hot bowl of soup for supper myself...... and I didn't handle the disappointment very well.... ummmm....  Hubby gave me wide berth the rest of the evening.... I guess a red faced woman throwing shoes is a smart thing to avoid.


  1. Glad you are bouncing back! Also glad you were okay after the incident on the freeway with the semi truck; that sounds scary.

    I think I'd be a bit miffed too if I came home looking forward to a bowl of delicious soup and none was left.

    May it be a great weekend!


  2. Welcome Back, Tigger! Now to read the post of the morning.


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