Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Little Packing, A Little Thinking

We are going on an Adventure!!  Rolling out of here later this afternoon to head down to Seattle for my 2 days of Postal Workers Orientation!!

Because my training begins at 7 am and the location is a good two hours away when traffic is moving (and because I suspect traffic on I-5 on Monday morning might not be) we opted to go down tonight and enjoy our time. I got us reservations at a Day's Inn just a few miles away from the training location and a heck of a good deal on room rates. Plus the USPS reimburses me for my expenses. Whoot-Whoot!

Bruce has plenty to keep him busy paper-work wise for the next two days that he can do in the office or in a motel room turned office so he gets to be my chauffeur, personal valet, bodyguard and companion! Unfortunately  I have a chauffeur/personal valet/bodyguard/companion who is still weighed down by the nasty head cold. He says he feels better but he sounds awful. Poor man. So thankful that I have not caught it. I thought it was attacking me a day or two ago and I amped up on the Airborne and Wellness Tea, got LOTS of sleep and am as of this morning feeling my oats. In other words, Tigger is in fine form!!

We will return Tues. night and then I will have Wed. to recoup before our Thanksgiving Day with a few family members. I have our suitcases packed, and enough food to keep us well fed for the duration. I have no idea what to expect at orientation so am both nervous and excited. But I am anticipating learning lots, feeling overwhelmed but not sucked under and am reminding myself that I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME. No matter what happens, I will be doing it with Christ, through Christ and for Christ.

Happy Sunday.


  1. have a safe trip and I hope the orientation goes well! Good too that hubby can accompany you!


  2. That Corgi said everything I was going to say!!!


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