Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dangling Like A Carrot

It was waaaaaaay back in June that the job posting appeared. It took me a few days before I even decided to apply and it's been an interesting process since then.

In July I took the postal workers exam.

In August I was interviewed and later that month was directed to get my fingerprints, pee-in-a-cup and agree to the background check.

All systems seemed to be poised at "GO" when some i-dotting and t-crossing popped up. A form had been forgotten to be given to me and it has proven to be the biggest hurdle. It had to do with my physical ability to do the job. In the interest of full disclosure, and protection, of course the surgery to both of my rotator cuffs and lingering limitations were discussed. And documented. I had to end up seeing the orthopedic surgeon and have him sign off on it. This has taken WEEKS.

Currently, it seems we are waiting for someone, somewhere, to assign me an employee number so that I can begin my training.

Meanwhile I twiddle my thumbs and wonder.
Are they actually going to hire me?
Should I be looking for other work?
I have decided that for me to drive into town (30 min drive) the pay has to be more than minimum wage, or a damn exciting position to entice me.
And given my limited vocational training, the choices are NOT endless.

Just the waiting.

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  1. Waiting, if it must be done, is best done with humor. Appears you've still got it! Love the cartoon.


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