Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are You A Multi- Tasker?

I'm a born multi-tasker. I love going for my morning walk knowing that while I am gone my dishes are being scrubbed clean in the dishwasher and my clothes will be ready to go from washer to dryer when I return. I love knowing that while I am running errands all day, a savory stew is bubbling in the crock pot and will be ready to devour when I get home.

I can even make my walks more than just about walking. It's a time for reflecting, plotting stories in my head, praying for others. And if I'm walking with a friend, we're not just working those thighs-- that jaw muscle is getting used and friendships enriched in the process.

Yes, I love to multi- task.

Sometimes it comes back to bite me however. The other day I was chopping and stirring and measuring, I had 3 pots on the stove, a pan ready for the oven and all my concentration centered around cooking up these casseroles. And my husband walked in with a packet in his hand. He had been working on house plans and wanted to share with me the fruit of his labors. I had to apologetically warn him that while he was free to talk and wave papers in front of my face, I would not be able to give him my undivided attention. If that was what he wanted, he would need to wait until I was through with my meal prep.

I am married to a gracious man. He was happy to wave papers in my face and settle for my non-committal grunts but we both knew that at some point he was hoping for a more focused approach to what he had to share. I'm the same way. I don't want to share what is on my heart when he's buried in bill paying or working in the shop. Yet, sometimes I do and settle for his non-committal grunts.

I remember when my daughter was small. I was sitting on the floor, playing with her but not fully engaged. She suddenly grabbed my face with both of her chubby little hands. Forcing me to look right at her she said quite solemnly, something she must have heard me say more than once.... "Mommy, pay 'tention to me!"

I chuckle at the memory even as I shake my head, for I am sure I am guilty of this in my spiritual walk as well. In Psalm 46.10 we read  "Be Still and Know that I Am God." Yet how often do I cram my bible reading into another multi-tasking project. I listen to praise music and call that my quiet time as I whisk around the house with a broom and a dust rag. Are there times when God wants to grabs my face with His Hands and say solemnly "Robyn, pay attention to me."?

Ah, I am sure He does. And has. The times I have been rendered useless due to the fibromyalgia flare ups. Or the insomnia- infused nights where tossing and turning yields no results. Are those the things God might use instead of chubby little hands?

I think listening to praise music while I clean my house or drive my car is a great way to incorporate Worship into my day. But I am also realizing more and more how much God wants my undivided attention.

And how much I need His.

from Psalm 62....

Yes, my soul, find rest in God;
    my hope comes from him.
Truly he is my rock and my salvation;
    he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.
My salvation and my honor depend on God
    he is my mighty rock, my refuge.
Trust in him at all times, you people;
    pour out your hearts to him,
    for God is our refuge.

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  1. So true...I love how God can use examples in our own lives to help us see Him. Amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)


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