Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Big Sigh

and a glass of wine...

I'm sipping and watching the sunset out my back door, after another glorious day of summer weather in the month everyone thinks of as the beginning of fall. Ha, ha-- Mother Nature fools us once again! I love September! We often get the best weather during this month and I am fully aware that the official first day of Autumn is on Saturday. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS MONTH!

It's Wednesday which means it was my Mom-day. That always evokes a BIG SIGH out of me once I get home. Today we ran a few errands --both her's and mine. Her's included a trip to the bank and an appointment at her hair salon. Oh, and of course, Zoom Zoom Espresso. Decaf, Soy, Sugar Free Vanilla. All the baristas know her on sight and have her drink memorized. That's nice. She get's a 16 oz every other day. She only drinks half of it and saves the other half for the next afternoon. I kid you not. Hey, we're talking the Queen of Frugal.

Another big sigh squeaked out of me as I posted the final chapter of Broken Places on This Robyn's Nest this evening. 46 chapters plus an epilogue. It took a lot out of me when I first wrote this story. The rewrite has been kinder, but still I tend to read/write the accounts of abuse (fictionalized but based on fact none-the-less) in a zone. Thank God, really, for the healing He has done in my life!! And continues to do. Sharing this story has been powerful and I pray for more power to be released as women stumble across that blog and read about the freedom Christ alone can give!

It's been a heavy week; losing our friend Michael and grieving along with his wife and children. The memorial will be this Saturday. I believe it will be a time of celebration despite the heavy hearts. Michael is no longer battling cancer-- he is healed and free!! I imagine we will be doing a lot of crying along with rejoicing when we gather this weekend. Michael was a talented songwriter/singer and I have about worn out his CD this week playing it over and over again.

On the job front, I believe I jumped through the final hoop as the Doctor signed off on my health and faxed the appropriate paperwork to the Occupational Health Division of the USPS. Whoo Hoo!! I might actually get a start date?!! It's only been since the end of June that I began this process. I'm impressed with myself, LOL.

So, deep sighs,  from feeling accomplished, feeling tired and feeling sorrow mixed with joy.

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