Friday, August 10, 2012

what a week!

it has been a good one. In many ways. Still living high on the joy experienced at the class reunion. Unofficially receiving word that I got the job I applied for! (pending back ground, fingerprints and drug test checks) Having a really good phone conversation with one of my friends from high school. Having Bruce's friend here to visit for a couple of days. And maintaining a 6 lbs weight loss. Yup, it's been a good week!

So, yes, unofficially I have been told I got the job that I applied for at my local post office!! No word on a start date, since, as I said, we have things pending. But, I am starting to get excited, even as I feel torn over leaving the job at Curves. In fact, I started training my replacement yesterday ( I gave my 2 weeks notice on Monday) and it was such a fun day! I hadn't expected that. I will spend the next week working with her and I think she is going to do great. And she paid me a high compliment when she told me she thought I was a good teacher! I never think of myself in that manner. It was nice to hear.

The visit with a friend on the phone was the result of the re-connection that took place at the reunion. This gal was one of my best friends in high school and like all the others, we lost touch once graduation came and went. I know that is a common occurrence for many but our community is pretty small and unless you move away, most of us manage to stay friends with our high school buddies. I was deprived of that, because during my 1st marriage, having any friendships outside of his realm of choices and influence was greatly discouraged, if not prohibited! I am reveling in the renewed friendships and encouraged to keep reaching out and rebuilding relationships.

Having Bruce's friend here means food! LOL. He LOVES to cook when he comes and he brings all the food and stockpiles it in my cupboards, fridge and freezer. I get the privilege of doing all the clean up but it's a small price to pay for his pesto pasta and killer spaghetti sauce!! This time he brought us a huge ice chest filled with corn on the cob! Already cooked and packaged for the freezer, I had to rearrange a bit to make it all fit but we are good to go now! This afternoon hubby and his buddy are heading out for the weekend to hike and camp. They had planned a canoe trip but turns out the canoe has a hole and patching it will take more time than they want to give it. So up the mountain they go and I will enjoy a weekend of quiet solitude which suits me just fine!

As to the weight loss... well it's just a miracle as far as I'm concerned because it has taken forever to break the plateau I have been on for like forever!! But the counting points and choosing fruits veggies and salads over starches and heavy sauces has finally paid off. I am glad because once I leave my Curves job it is going to be harder to get a work out into my daily routine. Not sure how physical my new job will be, sorting mail and selling stamps. :) But I'm kind of promising myself that with my first paycheck, I might just buy the bike I have been dreaming about for the last year or so.... we'll see.

Have a fantastic weekend Friends!


  1. HOORRAYYY FOR THE JOB GOOD FOR YOU PRAISE GOD FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS. I am excited for you to have those special friends that meant so much in our lives to be there again it really has been a good week for you I am glad :))

  2. That's wonderful! Good news all around! :)


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