Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Well, hubby had a great camp out with T-man, his best friend from high school and I had a low key do nothing but relax Saturday! I was ready-- and eager for hubby's return on Sunday however and even more delighted when he suggested we take a drive to the lovely town of La Connor WA for dinner-- and to take T-man to meet his ride back to Seattle. 

the Rainbow Bridge at the edge of town

on the other side of the waterway is the Swinomish  Reservation. they were having some canoe competitions that afternoon. fun to watch! 

La Connor is one of those little waterfront towns that has really capitalized on the tourist trade, making the most of the canal that runs by the edge of town with several choice eateries boasting outside dining. Lots of fun whimsical shops, artists showcased at every other shop. It's the kind of place where you can wander in and out of stores, just feeling good to look at everything on display.

Lavender Garden~~ lovely to look at but beware of buzzing bees!

 For 25 cents you can sample some amazing olives, (we did) or ride a wild pony! 

We had a delicious dinner, outside of course, at one of the pubs, drinking in the sunshine and the good food. I had a Hawaiian Chicken burger, sans the bun, with terriyaki sauce and a pineapple and the fries. Along with a crisp hard apple cider, it was the perfect way to wind down the afternoon. Bruce had the fish and chips and I have to admit feeling only a little sorry for myself for not being able to indulge in even a sample. (pooh gluten intolerance!!) 

After that fine meal we HAD to walk it off!! And complain how full we were.... 
until we found the ice cream stand....

We bade goodbye till next time to the T-man and his friend, then strolled down the street to revisit a sweet memory from one of our earliest dates. 

We'd been dating for just a MONTH and it was Tulip Time in Skagit Valley. We enjoyed La Connor much the way we did this time; dining, window shopping, ice cream and a climb up the stairs for a better view of the town. And a nice lady walking by at just the right time, obliged us with our first 'couple' photo op!

...April 1994....  falling in love....

It was fun  to do the same thing this time.... and I have to admit how pleased and surprised I was that Bruce remembered all the details of that date so long ago!! 

18 years later.... have we changed much? 
Still in awe of how God brought us together... and how much deeper our love is for each other-- and our Savior, than back then. And how back then I thought I loved both Bruce AND GOD as much as was possible!!!!

We came home via Bayview State Park and the whimsical town of Edison, another favorite spot of ours. We caught the last streaks of crimson as we raced down highway 9 west to Deming and home.


it was a lovely day.
one of the best.

my sister upon seeing all my pictures from the pony adventure, commented that if you flipped through them quickly it was like watching an old movie. I took that a step further and DID turn it into a little movie, complete with perfect soundtrack....   click on the link below to watch. enjoy!!

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