Saturday, August 25, 2012

Feeling Accomplished!

Despite the eye, it's ended up being a Very Good Day. I have been ignoring my other blog for quite some time, lacking inspiration for writing a short story and dragging a suitcase full of procrastination around to prevent me from working on stories already written.

Until today. Today I got busy. In between cleaning my house both physically and spiritually, I decided to start the rewrite on the novel I wrote 2-- no 3 summers ago! I have decided to work on a chapter at a time, posting the novel in installments on This Robyn's Nest.

The novel is called "Broken Places" and while it is NOT about me, I certainly was able to draw from some true life experiences in writing the character of Grace, a young woman trapped in an abusive marriage. I don't necessarily like dwelling in the past but the writing of this story was therapeutic in many ways. And it's a story that needs to shared because the healing journey Grace embarks on really does resemble some of my own struggles to gain wholeness and the redemption our God gives is always worth telling.  If you are interested in following please hop on over to and sign up!


  1. Congratulations on moving forward. May the words flow!

  2. That's wonderful! I will definitely have to make time to check it out.

    I need to get back into writing myself, maybe we can encourage one another to keep our goals. :)


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