Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are We Still Laughing??

It's been a trying day!! I actually came close to a full meltdown-- in the parking lot of the bank, but I squared my shoulders and reminded myself of the post I wrote JUST THIS MORNING.  This is NOT what defines me.... HOWEVER.... there are times when I just thwack my forehead and cry 'Good Grief!! Can it get any worse?" (don't answer that-- I know it can and I am grateful that today, it didn't!!)

I mentioned earlier in the week about getting our checking account garnished.... and how my bank account became a little trampoline for the handful of checks that trickled in right after this offense occurred. I made it to the bank today with deposits to make, to stop the bouncing and also pay some bills. Only to discover that the hubby's check was written wrong.... One amount written in the $$ line and another amount written in the cursive line. About a $300 difference. Not in our favor. OUCH. It can and will be rectified and soon but it was still a sharp disappointment as I had my list of 'things to do' and I want to check those things OFF the list and move on to the next one. Some re-configuring had to be done....
OK, next!

I then learned that a couple of other checks had come into the trampoline account and they didn't just bounce-- they boomeranged. Yes. And get this-- one of those was my TITHE check!! It got sent back!!! On the one hand,  my church exemplifies grace and this is a situation where grace is needed. On the other hand, it's more than just a little humbling-- more like mortifying-- to call your church office and explain things. Aagh.

I was so rattled by all of this I couldn't think straight so trying to figure out how much money needed to be deposited and how much to take out in cash resulted in me withdrawing more than I should have, and then walking back into the bank about 5 minutes later to deposit what I just withdrew! Oh, and as I was getting out of my car to go back in, the wind whipped my piece of paper with my list on it,  and the corner of it jabbed me right in the eye!! Really?? Yes, really!! I walked back into the bank, with tears flowing from my poor eye-- not because I was crying- but because this is what an eye does when it's poked. however the young man who was helping me at the teller window was probably freaked out by a weeping woman!!

By the time I got to my car again with hopefully, all things where they should be, I was thinking chocolate or retail therapy or  wine--- something that would calm me down!! I opted to text my sister instead and by accident sent her half of the text before it was written prompting her to wonder what in the heck was going on!!

Oh, my. Finally I was calm and thinking clearly, although my eye was still smarting-- and watering. I got my groceries and got both a strapping young lad to carry my bags to the car for me, AND because I spent over $50 I got a FREE grocery tote bag! Whoop-- whoop!! I don't like the new plastic bag ban that has come to our big city because my tote bags hold twice as much as the plastic bags did, which means I need more strapping young men in my life, not more tote bags. But that's a topic for another day. Meanwhile, I know it's 5o'clock somewhere and whether it's half full or half empty, there's definitely room for more!!!


  1. Love the new background very cool. I have you lifted up in prayer Robyn things will be better I have faith and I know you do too :)

  2. Praying for you! I can relate to the financial pinch.


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