Thursday, July 12, 2012

showers of blessings

no rain in this corner of the world. just sunshine and more glorious fabulous sunshine!! but the blessings in my life do fall like showers of rain and for that I am eternally grateful.

I was reading another wonderful blog this morning in which the blogger shared how her readers had blessed her with sending gifts of diapers after she had dared to share the wobbly financial situation she was living. I thought how amazing and kind that was of her readership and it immediately brought to mind all the myriad ways God has worked in my own life, using the people around me to feed me, carry me, nurture and refresh me. It is positively amazing the outpourings of love we have received time and time again in the last couple of years while my husband was out of work and out future seemed so bleak.

I say thank you but really, it seems SO inadequate. I wish there were windows into my heart so each of you could SEE the gratitude and joy that bubbles up and over at the thought of each one who has helped us. I am determined that each time I have the means, be it through word or deed or pocketbook, that I offer some support to someone else who is struggling.

Yesterday was Mom day and I am always looking for things she and I can do together that will amuse her, lift her spirits, entertain her or bless her. My mom can be a very hard woman to please, and I don't share that to criticize her but to express why I want to try and bring some things into her life that give her joy. She has always been a woman fighting depression I think. Mental Health Issues seems to run in our family and I have shared some of my own struggles in that department. I know Mom's life has not been easy and I am constantly reminded by others whose mothers have passed away, to treasure the time I have left with her. And I do. I may groan or roll my eyes over things she says and does and I may often reach my limit with her and want to pull out my hair but it is never far from my mind that this might be the last day I spend with her so I try to make it a good one.  And I don't say this so someone will pat me on the back and say 'atta girl' or "what a wonderful daughter you are"  I just say this to remind myself that as God has blessed me, so I should  try to bless others. Be a Blessing and Be Blessed is my new motto.

Too many tragedies have taken place in the last few days, here in our own little corner of the world. Car accidents, fire, shootings, lives lost, Heart breaking. And a wake up call to take stock in the life I have and count the blessings. Be glad for what I have. Really take stock in things and appreciate it all.

Coffee. with cream. Blessings.
Itching stopped and healing coming to my foot. Blessings.
Food on the table. Cupboards are full. Blessings.
Jobs to go to. Blessings.
Fuel in the tank. Blessings.
Freedom to read my bible, listen to praise music. Blessings.
Friends. Friends who insist on buying me a cup of coffee. Friends who offer me the bounty of their garden. Friends who invite us to dinner.Blessings.
The ability to skype with my sister, my daughter, my grandkids. Blessings.
Credit at the Consignment Store. Blessings.
and on it goes.... take nothing for granted.... appreciate it all... even the smallest things. A gentle breeze, a purring cat, a glass of cool water..... clean sheets, the smell of fresh cut hay, books to read and the knowledge and ability to do so.

Be a Blessing and Be Blessed. Appreciate what you have been blessed with and recognize it as a Blessing. And go and help others in any way you can, be it a smile, a place in front of you in line, a cup of coffee, friendship, a listening ear.... Bless others in any way you can and you will be blessed in the offering.

I could go on.... but I've got some blessings to deliver. ;)

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  1. You are a blessing that was A M A Z I N G!! Yes we are all blessed somehow.


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