Tuesday, June 12, 2012

too much joy to write about

every day has been an adventure.... and I thought I would be able to keep up with my blog but there's just been too much going on!

Hanging out at the house
watching it rain.
a lot.
a parade.
day trip for just Bruce and I.
more rain.
and thunderstorms. of epic proportions.
really. big. thunder.
more hanging out.
playing games.
make overs and manicures.
cooking dinner.
reconnecting with family and friends.
walking around the neighborhood.
motel mix ups and miscommunications.
Naval Aviation Museum!
Watching the Blue Angels practice their tricky maneuvers.
Perdido Kid's Park. Picnic lunches.
Perdido Keys Beach!
Swimming in the Ocean.... the gulf of Mexico.
finding Starbucks!
sunburns. sand. sunsets.
kisses. hugs. snuggles. 
and pictures. always lots of pictures.

Faith asked me today why I take so many pictures. I said when I go home I will be able to pour over these pictures and remember each moment and it will help me not to miss her and her brothers so much.

the pictures will be fun to look at it but when i said it would help me not miss them, I knew that was a lie. We have just 2 full days left and I don't know how we'll say good bye.

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