Friday, June 15, 2012

home! with dirty laundry, full hearts

after several delays in take off we finally arrived home at 5:30 this morning. Grueling to be sure but at least I was able to crash in bed for a few hours. For hubby it was a different story as he had to meet the excavator at a job site at 7 am. Crazy huh? Well we thought we'd be landing in Seattle at 11:30 pm when this was originally all arranged. But, it's all good. We're home, we're safe and now with laundry going, a purring cat  following me everywhere and a good sized list of 'things to do' started, I thought I'd pay attention for a few moments, to the blog.

I really thought I'd be blogging more while we were on vacation. I usually do. But this was a family oriented time if there ever was one and when we were not with the kids we were crashing. Maybe the fact that we never totally adjusted to the time change, or it was the humidity weighing us down but when the day was done it was all I could do to upload the days pic's to Facebook. Ah well, pictures tell so much. (perhaps the sporadic and spazy internet connection also played a part)

I really do want to spend some time writing about the experience. I need to keep those thoughts and feelings present as over time they can start to fade. but the dryer just buzzed and my pantry is bare. My husband is working with very little sleep last night and I plan to surprise him with a splendid dinner tonight. So, no more blogging for me.

suffice it to say the trip was amazing, the time with our children so precious and saying good bye was heartbreaking. I'll just post a few of my favorite pictures for the time being....

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