Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Day for Adventure!

On my google homepage I have the weather listed for my home town and for my daughter's. It's heartening to know that on a cold rainy PNW day, the sun is indeed shining somewhere else! Today however, the weather forecast for the next few days rivals that of Pensacola!! And my soul sings at the thought of sunshine, uninterrupted sunshine, gracing our little corner of the world.

The last couple of mornings I've been blessed by coffee and conversation with my big brother who is visiting from Montana. He came over to surprise Mom for Mother's Day but he is also taking advantage of this time to see other family and friends. He is staying with us so while the rest of the day he is out and about, the mornings are ours. It's been a nice way to start the day.


A couple of days ago Bruce's brother called. He and his wife are going to fly over here today from the coast in their Cessna and want us to meet them at the airport. From there we will fly out to the San Juan's for lunch!! Well, it's always great to see Clint and Jan and who can turn down a visit to the islands? Not to mention a plane ride!


This week has been full of blessings, and today promises to deliver even more.
God is good~~All the time.
All the time~~God is good.

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  1. Hope you enjoy the day and time with family. :)


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