Monday, April 9, 2012

Just Do It

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Nike's famous slogan sounds great on paper but carrying it out is not always as simple as it sounds.

After 4 weeks of writing down everything I ate in an online weight tracker, with a goal of 1300 calories per day and with 3 workouts a week under my belt, I really expected to shake some pounds off. But my scale has NOT BUDGED. I am frustrated but not defeated. Tackling this subject of Embracing Change in my blog is making me look deeper at the reasons I want to lose weight and how I will attack it.

Today the focus is Planning the Solution.
I made the decision that fitness and weight management is a priority in my life. I am learning to operate from a place that is NOT motivated by emotions or desperation. It's not enough to let that be my motivation because my emotions change daily (sometimes minute by minute) and desperation will not steer me into thoughtful consideration of identifying the problem, prioritizing it, nor planning it. Desperation is what makes me skip breakfast, drink a 'energy drink' for lunch and then plan to eat a 'healthy dinner' all in an attempt to lose the 5 pounds that somehow attached themselves to me over a weekend. The plan fails before dinner ever arrives because I am starving.

Changing my body weight and sticking with a regular exercise program requires a thoughtful process that will produce lasting change. I don't have to depend on my will power-- because my will power won't change me. I have to change my habits. Saying 'Just do it' is not going to be enough.

Over the years in my spiritual walk, I have learned I can't change myself. Not until I give permission to the Holy Spirit to have HIS way with me, does real change occur.

I can establish change in my habits however. I can change out a bad habit to a good habit. I have made it a new practice to go to God's book each morning before I go to Facebook.  And spending time in knee-mail before I e-mail. They say it takes 21 days to establish a habit, good or bad. And it takes just as long to break one. Just a thought...

So, first things first. I need a plan that has proven to be effective. I have decided to follow as best I can, the weight management plan that is available to me through my old (dusted off) copy of the Curves fitness and weight management plan. We each have to find the one that we feel comfortable with, can work with and adapt to our specific needs. I have to make gluten-free adjustments and I don't want to cook 2 separate meals for me and my husband. But aside from that here are some MUSTS that we should all want to incorporate into our plan.

how are you going to end up where you want to be if you don't know where you want to go? Goals will focus your efforts and keep you moving in the right direction.

>written down
       so they are real and you can see and refer to them
        you should be ENERGIZED when you think about accomplishing a goal!

We're gonna mess up.
I'm gonna eat a chocolate bar.
I'm gonna pull a wimpy and skip my work out. I know this about myself.
But I am not going to let it derail me!
I am gonna forgive myself and get back on track.

So, Step 3-- Planning the Solution. Are you ready?
here are today's questions

1. what personal strengths will help you succeed?

2. list your triggers for making poor food choices.

3. how can you manage those triggers more effectively?

4. how can you make good food choices in bad situations?

5. what days of the week will you commit to some kind of exercise program?  what time of the day?

6. what is your weight loss goal for 30 days? how about this week?

7. what are your biggest fears about starting this new plan?

8. how could you proactively address those fears?

9. what part of this plan is exciting for you?

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