Monday, February 6, 2012

While I was out

I got a job! I will be working part time (very part time) for Curves in Bellingham, as a circuit coach. What a kick. After owning my own Curves for 5 years and being away for 3,  standing in the middle of the ladies workout circuit today and chatting felt very familiar and comfortable. And when I left at the end of the shift, I did so without the nagging stress of things left undone. It's probably the best of both worlds.
there is still lots to brush up on and new things to learn. SO --pun intended-- I have my learning Curve.

I will be working just a couple afternoons a week and the jury is still out on whether I will look for another job or just call this search good. I have my resume out there with several other places and it would be interesting to hear back from them and learn more about what those places might have to offer. But, Curves is a great place to be and where else will you get paid to get in great shape? 

When I got home, I found out what my man had been up to all day. OK, I knew he was planning to work on this and since he is at home, why not get some projects done around here?  It's only been a YEAR since this project was started. It was definitely time to move to phase 2. In fact he got both phase 2 and 3 done.
phase one was done last year; remove the wall on dining room side

phase 2 was deal with the internal wiring allowing phase 3 of removing living room wall to go bye-bye

I can not begin to express the sheer delight of being able to see into the living room from here and vise-versa.

the openness of this area changes the whole feel of the house. no more feeling left out if I am in one room while everyone else is in the other .
Phase 4 will be the replacing of this tired old brown smelly dirty worn out carpet (30 plus year old) with  almost new carpeting that was gifted to us about a year ago... it's been stored in the garage just waiting....

 stay tuned. there has to be some advantage to Bruce being out of work!

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