Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome to Burke's Cafe; a real hole-in-the-wall establishment

Recipe for laughter and fun: Take 5 couples of all ages and various stages of life, add a potluck supper and misc. board games and mix well. Serve with lots of laughter in an open room. 

Last night we were able to do something we have talked and talked and talked about doing. Something we could NOT have done a week ago. We invited some friends over for a potluck supper and game night and watched the crowd spill across the room from dining to living room with ease. That hole in the wall made it possible.

In the past we would have been divided up between rooms making real connections between the couples more challenging. In times past we would not have invited that many people to our home!

well, Okay, we might have had our family over and that would have been a large crowd and at that point the walls dividing some of us would have been needed and much appreciated. LOL.

"no matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best"
 I like that we could even set up a card table for some folks and still feel connected to the group around the dining room table.
serious chatter happening here
 And even with everyone congregating in one area, it didn't feel tight and claustrophobic.
After dinner it was into the living room for a rousing game of Taboo.
Good times. Good people.

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