Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's How You Look At It That Matters

I got a pretty sweet valentine's gift from my husband this year. You have to understand that we don't really "DO" Valentines. Hubby thinks it's a 'hallmark contrived holiday' and while I long for roses, chocolate or other romantic expressions of love, I would prefer to get those for surprise occasions rather than thru a 'hallmark contrived holiday'. So, when he DOES surprise me with a gift of something on Valentines Day, I take notice!
I am a romantic at heart. We celebrate our wedding anniversary EVERY MONTH on the 28th. We were married on the 28th of September and every month it's a little contest to see who says 'happy month-a-versary' first! We celebrate the anniversary of our engagement, and our first date. I even remember the first time we exchanged "I love you's" and like to celebrate that one too. And, remember my primary love language is touch, so I like those hugs, kisses and foot massages or other loving pats of affection! BUT thankfully, since hubby doesn't speak fluent 'touch' (his is words of affirmation) we BOTH have a common secondary love language. Acts of Service.

If I get up in the morning and he has made the coffee..... sometimes even going as far as to set out my mug with cream already in it.... well, the man has just scored points!! Little things like washing my car or fueling it for me, carrying dishes to the sink and loading them into the dishwasher, helping me with putting on my jacket.... those kinds of things I take notice of-- and appreciate!

So last night was great! He says I am too easy on him but really, this was a very sweet gesture. Every Tuesday we drive to Lynden together, with the church van, carrying a load of church family to attend Dream School and The Fire. Well, the Fire was canceled this week so the men could spend Valentines with their sweeties. However, the Dream School Director didn't get that memo, lol, and so we had class. I was driving home last night after a long day which included a morning at Curves, a day with my mom and then a stop at the Plasma center to donate and all I could think of as I drove home was how tired and hungry I was. I did NOT want to go any further than my BED.

So when I walked in the house and grabbed something to eat and Bruce came in the kitchen and asked if he could drive me to class tonight... well my heart just melted. I was as thrilled as I was grateful.  He drove the van and sat in on class and winked at me from across the room on numerous occasions. (flirt!) I felt cherished and protected and that goes a long way in feeding me. Sigh. what a guy!

Hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day as well.....

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