Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Man of Courage

We were supposed to leave a long, long time ago. But, well, it's been a week and a day of set backs and complications. Still, my man has kept his cool and if he can keep cool, so can I.
working in the shop

We were supposed to head to Oregon this (morning) (afternoon) (evening) .... ummm... we're still here. I'm at home, everything is packed, Bruce is at the shop and when I spoke to him a couple of hours ago, he was closing in on having everything loaded, secured and ready to roll. But there is no way we are driving to Oregon tonight, says the wife and I pray my husband will be cool about just heading out early tomorrow morning and that the customer will be even cooler about the need to adjust the schedule!!

I really just want to focus and celebrate the super celebration we attended last night! How many of you have seen the movie "Courageous"?

before the ceremony
For a few months now Bruce has been attending a weekly event for men called The Fire (men igniting men to love and lead like Jesus Christ) at our church. Over 200 men have been attending and last night, they held a commitment ceremony similar to the event featured in the movie, to take a stand and sign a document known as The Resolution.

It was AWESOME! We had a rocking worship time, then a rousing message from Sr. Pastor Kim, then the men all stood up and signed their Resolution.

We prayed over our men and then a party broke out! Yes, it was grand!

Hugging and Whooping, laughter and tears. I am SO PROUD of my husband. He tries every day to live out the call of Jesus in his life and taking the stand to sign this piece of paper only makes what I know in my heart to be true, that much more significant.

Lord, thank you for my godly husband.

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  1. I really want to see that movie! I've heard great things! :)


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