Monday, December 5, 2011

Attitude CHECK!

I had a list made out for this day. I got one thing checked off.

Today has been a full day of lessons in patience, trust, faith, practicing a good attitude and maintaining joy in the midst of adversity.

What should have been a routine installment of trailer brakes on his work truck and a tire inspection has morphed into 2 new tires and a complete overhaul on the truck brakes. to the tune of close to $1000 for all. ouch.

not to mention. we are scheduled to leave on Wed. to Oregon to deliver a custom shed kit. It's one thing to have to give up the truck for a day and a half to have repairs done, it's another to have all your work tools in that truck which means no one can work on the shed kit because the tools are not in the work shop. Leaving on time is looking more and more sketchy and I hope the man who has ordered the kit will be as patient as we are trying to be as we face the obstacles.

I donated plasma today and they had trouble with my right arm so we had to switch to the left. which means now I am sporting a wrap on each arm. and after all the running around and knowing we have ALPHA tonight, I decided the quickest route to dinner was a stop at McD's and I was so hungry I scarfed down the fries and shake regardless of how I would feel later. (it's later. I feel like I just scarfed down a milkshake and french fries. uggh)

And, I'm not entirely sure we will have anyone coming to ALPHA tonight. We kind of lost our momentum while Bruce was in Japan and trying to get back into the swing of things has been tough. There is a lot of illness and family issues and crises happening for folks.

I am being reminded moment by moment  how much we need God's Grace to carry us through it all.

Bruce remarked tonight "Isn't this FUN?" (having these opportunities to practice patience and good attitude and faith) oh, yes honey, TONS of FUN!

On the BRIGHT SIDE however... I spent a good portion of the morning with my husband and we made each other laugh, we learned about the brake trouble BEFORE we were driving down the freeway pulling a loaded trailer, and the bulge on the tire was caught before it exploded. And I still was able to donate plasma and be compensated for my donation. And if it is only Bruce and I at ALPHA tonight, we will still be doing what the Lord has asked us to do. I have to remember that.

let us not grow weary in doing good....  Galations 6.9

one other thing... a dear friend of mine's hubby had surgery today and I know she would appreciate extra prayers for their situation. thanks ya'll.


  1. Wishing you safe travel! God's grace is so amazing, sometimes it is hard to comprehend. It's always good when we can find examples of it each day.

  2. Thank you Robyn, for everything.


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