Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome Home!

He is on American soil folks. The plane actually brought him in about an hour earlier than scheduled but even so, he was not able to catch the earlier shuttle bus. So sticking with the same plan, to meet him at the airporter shuttle bus stop in Bellingham at 12:30.

I feel as nervous and excited as I imagine the wives of military personnel feel when their soldier husband/lover comes back after months, even years, on deployment. I feel as nervous as I did on our first date! And fussing over what to wear like I did that day as well!. Silly me, but I want his homecoming to be special.

He, on the other hand, has his own agenda. One that includes a list and a stop at the hardware store for supplies because he is coming home with, well, an agenda. 

Months ago we began a plan to do a little remodel on our dining room/living room area. We have one of those houses that has each room compartmentalized. No overflow from one room to the next. Which means when we have company and we usher them into the living room and then I go to the kitchen to finish the meal, I am excluded from the conversation because I am in a boxed in little room where I can neither hear nor see them. (I suppose sometimes, depending on the guest this could be a blessing, but I would never say that!)

Anyway, we decided (or I should say The Builder decided) that we could knock out a wall and at least allow flow to happen from dining to living room. It's a 3 step, no maybe 4 step, process.
Step 1. Remove the wall in the dining room. Done.

Step 2. Remove the wall in the living room. No, first, figure out what to do with all the furniture lined up against that wall, THEN remove the wall....

Step 3. figure out what to do with all the wires located between walls.

Step 4. remove the living room carpet. (we were gifted with an almost new carpet that will fit our L.R. and it is waiting patiently in the garage to be installed) 

Ok, I miscounted. Step 5. finish the trim on the opening and make it all pretty.

Bruce told me during one of our skype dates that he wanted to tackle this project as soon as he got home... before we take off on our little holiday escape. My first thought was "Jetlag" but I wasn't going to try and dissuade him. 

But, because we have family coming for Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday after T-day, I just made a different plan. One that involves holding the dinner at the church fellowship hall where there are no walls and has 2 stoves in the kitchen. Now, I am not saying I don't trust him to get the project done in time (in fact he readily stated the project would not be done-- just the other wall removed and the wires gone) but I know how I get when we have lots of company over and-- I need my space! 

So, back to the homecoming welcome. I'm dressed up all cute and flirty 

and I have a container full of home-made peanut butter kisses for him

and.... I have his list. 

The list was written down on the sheetrock of the wall that needs to be removed 

and I painstakingly copied it down at his request 

and I have the list on my , uh.... person.... 

because, folks, I have MY Agenda too.


  1. What a SMART and loving wife Bruce has!!!!

  2. The remodel sounds fabulous! I love a home that has a great flow!
    I SO agree, Bruce has a smart and lovely wife!

  3. I know you are so thrilled to have him home. Good luck with the remodel. I'm sure it will look wonderful once it's complete. :)


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