Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Camping!

 We left around noon under dark wet skies, heading West... believing the famed 'banana belt' region would provide us a few rays of sunshine...
 coming into Keystone Ferry Landing we were rewarded with this picturesque view!
 and the promised sunshine!
As we came around the corner into Fort Casey, our breath was taken away with this amazing scene, complete with grazing deer!

 looking out at the Fort-- or what is known as "the Batteries"
 to the West is Port Townsend
At the north end of the Fort/Park is the lighthouse. We came back to explore this the last day of our get away.

 the campground is located right next to the Ferry Landing so we were able to see, hear (and smell) the ferries coming and going all day.... and late into the evening.

We took a walk after supper, enjoying the nippy night air and the sights and sounds.

We had to check out the hours at the Keystone Cafe-- it was closed until Friday-- but it was a good place for a little photo op with the ferry in the background.

 during the night we heard the wind pick up and the rain began and the next day-- thanksgiving day-- we huddled inside the camper all morning, sipping HOT coffee, reading books and talking.
 Eventually, feeling a little stir crazy, we rousted ourselves into the wild and wooly wetness for a walk....

a walk that was guaranteed to burn calories in preparation for our turkey day meal...

because every step was an uphill battle as the wind was FIERCE!!!
It was hilarious actually...

we staggered against the wind like a couple of drunks!

If you think walking against the wind is hard, try doing it when you're laughing so hard you can hardly stand up!

 Once we got over the hill and down in the battery area, the wind wasn't beating us quite so hard. The view was outstanding and worth the climb, the wind and the rain.
 I remember coming here as a child and exploring the catacombs of the old fort. I remember my cousins hiding in dark corners and jumping out and scaring my sister and me spitless!
 Thankful for rain gear!!

it wasn't so much cold really. But my face got a whipping despite the efforts to guard it.

 We finished our rounds of the fort just as the rain drops got fatter and closer between.

still, despite the wooliness of the day, it was so beautiful!

Here's a great picture of the campground. Literally right on the beach. What a great summer time destination!

I laugh at this picture; our cute little camper nestled amongst all the big luxurious RV's.
Still, we were comfy and happy!
Our Thanksgiving Dinner, 
devoured with much gratitude as the wind picked up and battered our little home away from home all night long.

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