Sunday, October 16, 2011

date night

i love date night.

this date was a surprise because when you are not working steadily, money for frivolous adventures just does not exist!

Bruce delivered a storage building kit to a customer the other day and was happy to stay and help the guy start the initial set up phase.  The customer was so pleased that he handed Bruce a cash bonus on top of the paycheck with instructions: take your wife to dinner!

it was more than enough for dinner so we took in a movie too!

We decided to dine at the India Grill. Featuring east Indian cuisine, this little eatery has placed repeatedly in Best Places to Eat. We'd never been and we were looking forward to a different experience.

We ordered appetizers; an assortment of  Hors d’Oevres, then at the recommendations of the restaurant owner, who was very amicable, (he wandered over several times to chat with us and we really enjoyed our exchange with him) we shared a feast of Tandoori Shrimp and Chicken Tikka Masala with jasmine rice and spinach nan (a flat bread like a tortilla) and a half a carafe of Chardonnay.  All so very very tasty! To finish it off we enjoyed a delicious mug of steaming Chai tea with milk and lightly sweetened. Then, the owner sent us home with a small packet of Chai spices with instructions on how to brew a perfect cup of tea from it. Looking forward to that!

Across the street from the restaurant there must have been a Halloween party taking place because we saw lots of interestingly dressed people going in. Pirates, witches, french maids, sock monkeys, gangstas, vampires, and the like. We certainly enjoyed the parade of interesting costumes!! 

After our fine dinner, we rolled on down the street, taking in the last rays of sunshine as it settled over Bellingham Bay, reviling in the crisp autumn air and the vibrant colors of the trees that line the streets. And arriving just in time at the movie theater for  Courageous

This is an excellent movie!!! We laughed. We cried. We sat on the edge of our seats. We cheered. I know that sometimes faith-based movies can come off a little bit cheezy but this really was top-notch all the way through!

We were pretty quiet on the way home as we reflected on the message of this film. The main theme of the movie is about being men of honor, in both work and home and making a special point to bring out the importance of the active presence of a dad in the home. Having so many people in our lives who suffer from the fall out of divorce and absentee fathers, it hit close to home.

Bruce has been attending a gathering on Tuesday nights at our church, called "The Fire" and it ties in closely with the message of this movie. Raising men up to be the spiritual leaders in the home, as Christ has called them to be. In fact last meeting he received a copy of the book The Resolution for Men which was written by the Kendrick brothers, who also wrote and produced the movie. The book serves as an excellent companion to the film. I am excited for Bruce to be reading it.... although I already think he does a pretty good job of stepping up to be the man God has called him to be.

it was a lovely evening.

i love date night.

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  1. Sounds like you and your honey had a fabulous night! YAY! For date nights!


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