Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wild at Heart. It's a guy thing...

He just left. Backpack and camping gear in the cargo area, gas in the tank, music cranked and a giddy smile on his face. That's my man. 4 days with the boys in High Country somewhere in the wilderness of Central Washington. For 4 days and 3 nights they will cook over a fire (ok, a gas cook stove) sleep under the stars (or a tent) and explore new territory. He will come home Wed. evening, grubby, sunburnt and as giddy as when he left. It's a guy thing.
some where out there....

I love camping, but I want a comfortable, warm bed, under a dry roof and something sturdy between me and the wild animals and reptiles that may chose to visit in the night. And that's okay. We're taking that trip next week. But this wilderness adventure has become an annual event. He and some of his buddies plan this trip for months. Actually, they are often planning the next trip while they are coming home from the present one. 

I love that he does this. Really. While it is true that I feel an uncomfortable twist in my gut as he closes the hatch on his gear, and my heart flips as he gathers me close for the good bye hug and kiss, I can't say "don't go." I wouldn't want to. He needs this time, with the guys, away from the rat race, away from the phone and internet and work load.

I read  "Wild at heart"by John Eldridge (after Bruce did)  and I fully support Bruce's need for these times. Because every man was once a little boy, full of big dreams. fighting dragons and beating the bad guys. (even rescuing the pretty damsel in distress) Then they grow up and start the day to day battle of bringing home a paycheck and keeping the little woman happy. It's pretty taming stuff. Men need these adventurous times to keep the fire inside them alive. I'm sorry to say that we women want to domesticate our men, as does the church, and the masculine heart  God designed them with can suffer.

But this isn't sermon time. I'm just going on record as saying I fully approve of my husband's trek into the wilderness with his other Christian friends. Because, besides the grubby attire and the giddy smile, he'll also return to me with a rekindled passion for life. and that's something that is not just a guy thing...

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