Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ah, Saturday, How I Love Thee!

I usually sleep in on Saturdays. Bruce goes to a mens breakfast/bible study most every Saturday morning, kissing me good bye on my cheek... if he can find me under the blankets. I will stumble down the stairs a couple of hours later, blindly feeling my way to the bathroom, then coffee station, and do numerous things by rote as I slowly find consciousness. Coffee mug in hand, I will sit in my chair in the living room and s-l-o-w-l-y wake up.

Sleeping in is wonderful but I've made a sad discovery of late. It makes for a whole day of low productivity. Something goes awry with my inner clock when I doze into the next sleep cycle. I will feel groggy and lazy for several hours after I finally get up, where as on the mornings I defy logic by getting up when the alarm clock says, once the coffee has peculated inside my brain, I'm on the train full-steam ahead! Crazy huh?

This morning I got up shortly after my husband did. He was in the shower and I acted like it was a regular work day morning!! GASP!! I made the coffee, fed the cat, let the cat out, started --GASP-- a load of laundry and --another GASP!!-- made the bed!  All before 7:30. Um, am I feeling alright?

Yes, yes, no fever, I'm fine really. I just woke up and decided to get up and stay up. I don't know why. I watched Bruce leave; he was humming and smiling. He loves his mens group and I love that he loves it. I contemplated my choices and going back to bed was not one of them. I just feel awake and leaning towards productive and I am glad to be alive and enjoying this beautiful morning!

I had a date with my husband last night-- that's two Fridays in a row-- and we have something fun planned for this afternoon. All which makes me feel relaxed, happy and cherished.

I visited the Weekend Link Up page and read some new blogs. I checked Facebook and I felt the sun on my face. And you know what? This mornings activities have been just as cozy and comforting as hitting the snooze button and snuggling under the blankets.

I think this is going to be a really great day! Hope yours is too.

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  1. I'm the same way in the mornings, but you are right it's good to just get up and get your day started. It's a great feeling to have more time and feel accomplished. :)


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