Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Treaure Hunt

Have you ever heard of geocache ? I didn't know what it was until there was a need to have it explained to me. It's like a treasure hunt using your GPS to find random hidden spots containing random hidden 'treasures' (a term used oh-so-very-loosely here!!)

This is another one of those serendipitous moments on the trip. It happened in Curlew, when we were at the little chapel on the hill.

After we had sat in the chapel and enjoyed the quaintness and spirit of the place, my construction minded husband felt the need to check out the framework of the building, which included the foundation. After all, a small structure usually has a different kind of foundation than a permanent one. And since my husband specializes in smaller structures (http://qualityshelters.blogspot.com/)
he always has to get a closer look at other small or unique buildings.

So there he is laying on the ground, scrutinizing things and he shifts his gaze to the porch foundation and that is when he spies it. A large bottle that looks very much like a prescription bottle. Intrigued and puzzled, wondering if he is stumbling across some hidden stash of *drugs* he pulls the bottle from it's hiding place.
 Now both of us are curious... and maybe a little nervous, wondering if indeed we have found something we maybe should not have found.... still, we HAD to see what was inside the bottle!

what the heck is this?

some kid's idea of hidden treasure perhaps?

Aha! A note!! Now maybe we'll get some answers!!

This is when Bruce explained to me about Geocaching. He had heard of it from a friend but this was the first time to actually 'see' it in action! How fun! 
Well, we knew we needed to add something to the this collection but what? I went back to the car to look at the possibilities....

this is what we decided to add:
Bruce and I are starting a new Alpha series at church and just happened to have some extra invitations in the car. We thought it seemed appropriate to add this!

putting it back where he found it.

So that was the second cool thing that happened at this little church. (The first was the part about just sitting inside the chapel and singing and feeling the Presence of God in that place!)

Since we've been home I looked up Geocache on the internet and even found this particular location. It's quite interesting. There are lots and lots of geocache locations in the world and a lot just in the state of Washington. And that is our story about Treasure Hunting!


  1. How cool is that!!!!???!!!! I know a couple of people who participate in geochaching. But that you guys found one without even knowing about it while "inspecting" a foundation, is just a kick and a half! Love what you left in the bottle too.

  2. One day I want to try geocache. It sounds like fun.

    Love the picture of the church.


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