Monday, September 26, 2011

A Best Day

There were just too many best days to say THE best day. This one was near the very top.

We were driving the back road (and they were all back roads) to  Chesaw and enjoying every curve, every cow grate in the road and every abandoned ghostly looking homestead we passed.

As we neared the town, we came around a corner and saw the entrance to a small lake/campground. We were hungry, a little tired and this seemed like a good place to pull off the road.

A good place?

Oh, excuse me--- it was a GREAT place to pull off. We were completely alone, except for the rare car passing by on the road above the campsite. We sat up our camp chairs, heated up water for coffee and then sat there for a long, long time.

We sipped our coffee. We enjoyed some muffins and fruit and cheese.

We talked a little. 
We stared out at the lake. 
We didn't talk.

Quiet such as we seldom find was in abundance.

fish jumping.
quiet. quiet. quiet.
did I say it was quiet?

If you want a lake to call your own for a few hours, this was the place to be.

it was an effort to pull ourselves away but the road was calling and there were places to go and people to see....  
but little lake, I promise, we will be back.

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