Friday, September 16, 2011


It's Friday...
what a week it's been! A good week, a challenging week.
As I head into the weekend, I have lists.
What to pack for our road trip next week.
Food to prepare, food to buy.
What still needs to be done, cleaned, arranged...
yes I have lists!!

I also have a long list of prayer requests.
Almost every day I get an email from someone asking for specific prayer needs.
Someone is sick, had a serious accident, is in the hospital, in hospice...
A friend is fighting cancer and preparing for a bone marrow transplant. Infections charging and fever spiking are weekly occurrences.
A family member goes to court today over child custody issues.
Another family in crisis, others out of work, and all around me, relationships needing reconciliation.
There are always things to bring me to my knees in prayer.

But if I have a list of things to do and things to pray for, I also have a list of things to celebrate!

from a plump newborn to the oldest one who just joined a swim team and is loving it!
My mom, who is so very close to moving back home.
Quality time spent with a niece this week.
My man home safe and happy after his wilderness excursion.
Our trip together next week and the anniversary reason behind it (15 years on the 28th!!)
Fresh promises and insights EVERYDAY from God's Word.
Songs to sing.

Even the very things that bring me to my knees have praise-worthy content if I look carefully. 

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  1. A week is full of events both good and bad. I love that your focus is on your blessings.

    Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great trip.


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