Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ghost Town of Epic Proportions

 What can I say about Old Molson that can't be told best in pictures?

The history is fascinating and you can find lots about it on the web.

I think we must have spent close to 3 hours here, all by our lonesome. Another gusty day under a dark and eery sky, it was the perfect conditions for touring a ghost town. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

I must say I was very impressed with all the great signage provided by the Okanogan County Historical Society. We found their signs everywhere and it was very informative!

and speaking of signs....

the other great thing was that this "museum" was wide open! We were free to explore, touch, climb on, to our hearts content!

I climbed up the steps of this little cabin and peeked in the window and nearly fainted when I saw a face looking up at me from inside. It was set up like an old homesteaders place complete with granny at the kitchen table. This was the only area on the place that WAS chained off.

the farmers daughter in me was trying to explain some of this equipment to the city boy at my side.

inside the bank, obviously. I tried really hard to crack the safe.

he said "give me your sexy pose" 

this old school house is also a museum but open only Memorial Day thru' Labor Day weekend.

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