Monday, June 6, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

What a beautiful weekend! Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine. After months and months of wet and rain and cold and rain and more rain, we are delighted to have the warmth of the sun! Oh glorious sun!

Saturday was a nice sweet lazy day for me.... soaking up sunshine whilst reading a good book, sipping iced coffee and listening to music in the background... and even managed to get my brother-in-law to mow the lawn for us. Bruce was back at son Joey's helping with the bathroom remodel at their house. Gotta get all these little things done before baby arrives in August!!

Because Bruce has been working so many long hours during the week and then helping others on the weekends, I was especially glad for Sat. night and the fun time we had at our friends house. They babr-b-qued and we feasted on steak and chicken and chips and baked beans and coleslaw and chocolate pie for dessert. Yum! We sat around the campfire in their backyard later and talked and laughed till it was dark and growing chilly and the fire was dying. What a beautiful night and how lovely to spend it with friends.

Sunday morning we attended early service at church (9:30) and then came home and did a few little puttery-type things around the house before heading to another friends house for another backyard barb-b-que! (tis the season!!) It was so beautiful at our friend's house. She is in her 80's and has macular degeneration but it does not stop her from keeping her acres of yard immaculate! She bragged about her new lawn mower-- a riding one because she can't handle the push mower anymore since she injured a shoulder. Amazing woman. simply amazing. I will post pictures later of her beautiful iris garden and her lovely yard.

We were told when we arrived we were not allowed to say it was 'too hot'. hee hee, we are such fickle people. We want the sun but if it spikes towards the high 80's we don't seem to know quite how to handle that.  We bbq steaks and enjoyed potatoe casserole, 3 bean salad and blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert.  yah, pretty much had to roll away from the table at the end.

Came home and promptly napped. yum. Sunday naps are delicious!

This morning it's off to town. Mom has 2 dr appts back to back and one is the follow up appt from her cortisone shot. She has not complained of any back pain for quite awhile so I think it has helped her tremendously for which I am so grateful!!

After the appts I have shopping to do but not the kind of shopping I normally engage in. This involves a trip to Home Depot to pick out samples of flooring, paint and laminate for the bathrooms of the Coconut Kenny's that Bruce is the project overseer on. I'm excited about helping in this role and look forward to the day.

Happy Monday!

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  1. It sounds like you had a pretty wonderful weekend also! All that food sounds amazing! I look forward to seeing the yard and garden pics! :)

    Could you send some of that rain down south? ;)


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