Tuesday, June 7, 2011

in the middle of the night...

I should be sleeping but after spending the last 6 hours in the hospital with my mom, I'm just a little keyed up....

Mom took a fall earlier this evening. Around 5 pm.  At 7 pm I remembered I was going to call her and check in with her about her foot which had been bothering her. Phone rang... and rang... no answer. Which is unusual. So I texted my brother, Brian, who lives next door alerting him to the fact. About 10 min, later I get the call back. Mom had been laying on the bathroom floor where she landed when her foot/ankle gave out and down she went. Poor woman!!

I arrived at mom's just as the EMT's were getting ready to load her in the ambulance. I rode with mom and Brian followed. Xray shows what we suspected: broken ankle, 2 places.
Surgery will need to take place to fix this.

We hung around the hospital waiting as they ran more tests... EKG, blood work, etc. Keep in mind, my mom is diabetic... she did not get to eat dinner because she fell before she could cook it.. and without food in her, she could not take her insulin at 8pm when she normally would. So these extra complications and concerns add to the mix.

Surgery will happen sometime on Tuesday-- probably in the afternoon. Brian and I waited until she was transferred to a room and settled in for the night. She was doped up on some good med's so she was fuzzy headed and drifting in and out of sleep but not so out of it that she couldn't worry about things like having her teeth brushed and where was her purse and would I please bring her bible with me tomorrow.

You know it is providential how things work out... I am so glad I was prompted to call her and then felt compelled to contact Brian....  who knows how long she might have laid there otherwise....  :(

Now, I need to crash and try and get at least a few hours of sleep... but dear blogging friends, will you please keep my mom in your prayers? surgery is always with some risk but mom is 82 and again, we have these extra complications to factor in.

I will keep you updated as we go....  


  1. So sorry to hear about your mom's fall! I'm glad you were all able to get to her before anything got worse--will definitely be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers today!

  2. I'll be praying for her. Sorry to hear that.


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