Tuesday, June 7, 2011

another long day

or, lessons in patience...

Surgery did not happen today despite best laid plans. The surgeon examined the 'hammer toe" on mom's foot and revised the treatment plan. more tests and conclusion is, the little piggie that had roast beef has to go. it will actually be a relief and blessing in the long run as her poor foot is indeed 'hammered'. so tomorrow is the new surgery date and they will amputate and repair the breaks to the ankle. A two-fer... or maybe it's a Toe-fer... sorry, rummy head after so little sleep!!

She endured endless poking and prodding, lost count of the amount of Xrays, a trip to the vascular center for tests there and then a re-setting of the ankle in its temporary cast/splint as the bone had shifted. Thank God for pain meds.

>OK< a little more humor because that is how my family gets through it...
the surgeon's name is Dr. Holstein. Yes, like the cow. His partner in the ortho office is Dr. Wu. So they call them Wu and Moo. On wait, it gets better. Mom's primary care physicians name is..... Dr Goo!!! Seriously. We laughed so hard when we lined this all up today. Thank you Lord for things to laugh about in the midst of stress and worry!!

Heading to bed to try and catch up on what I lost last night so that tomorrow we can head back to the hospital and do it again. No idea on surgery time but sometime in the afternoon is our best guess.

We had a few people drop by; pastor from her old church, friend from her small group and one of my old friends from school... lots of phone calls and facebook messages. I know mom is feeling the love and for that I am truly thankful.

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  1. Glad to hear your mom is doing better now. My dad (a doctor) once worked with two doctors named Dr. Thin who was anything but and Dr. Large who was quite thin :)


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