Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Morning After

What a fun evening!

Our friends picked us up at 3:30 and we headed down Hwy 9 south to Seattle.
A stop in Burlington for lattes and then we were on the freeway,
amidst all the Friday travelers in the rain. (sure glad to not have to drive!)

The menfolk sat in the front and us ladies in the back and each pair talked and laughed and just had some great conversations.

We arrived in Seattle and found Dimitrious Jazz Alley easily -- yay for GPS!
Covered parking, cross one alley in the rain and then we were inside.

Now, let me set the mood for you:
Jazz Alley... what does this name conjure up for you? 

small groupings of intimate table settings
white table cloths, black linen napkins,
small candlestick lamps on each table-- low lights
jazz music (think saxophone) playing over the sound system
the bustling of wait staff, all clad in black
the clinking of silverware
the hum of voices; baritones, bass, tenor,
excited murmurings, laughter
and even though it was a smoke-free zone,
still a sort of smokey-haze was present.

We ordered appetizers -- they offered a wheat-free cornbread-- so both us ladies, who suffer from gluten intolerance, could also taste. (I found it very bland however)

The pace was measured I think, in this busy popular place.
Despite the business of staff, no one seemed rushed.
And while we waited for our food, it did not seem like it was dragging on and on.
It was almost as if it was a planned pace; a pace that says, 'you are here for an enjoyable, relaxing evening. so... relax... we have not forgotten you... we will bring the food... in stages... no need to rush... just enjoy...'
and so, we did.

Bruce ordered a salad that we ended up sharing because the portion was very generous. And it was no ordinary salad.:Jazz Alley Caprese - organic spring mix, vine ripened tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, drizzled with pesto vinaigrette. And, because my husband loves the pepper... lots of freshly ground black pepper.

For dinner I had the Honey Tangerine Organic Chicken - roasted half chicken topped with a citrus relish, garlic whipped potatoes and tender buttery asparagus. 
(I have half of my chicken to enjoy today)

Apple Cider Glazed Pork Chops quick-seared and served with a Granny Smith 
and blue cheese compote, pan seared sage potatoes and the asparagus was Bruce's choice. 
And a glass of Riesling, Chateau St. Michelle, for each of us.

About halfway through our meal the concert was introduced.
Keiko Matsui and her band of very talented highly skilled musicians. 
This was contemporary jazz like I had never heard before!  

for a taste of her incredible talent  click here

the concert was about an hour in length
(she does 2 shows a night for the 4 nights she is booked there)
but it was enough to expose us to her gifts and talents.
Her  saxophone man, the dummer and the 2 men on electric guitars were all exceptionally gifted as well. It was beautiful and very enjoyable!

of course, the evening would not be complete with out dessert
and what does have for dessert when dining in a fine dining establishment but cheesecake? Oh, and not just cheesecake, but New York Cheesecake,
and not just NY Cheesecake but decedent Turtle cheesecake!
dark fudge layer on the bottom, pecans and heavy caramel on top
and in between, thick creamy cheesecake..... oooooooh ya, that's what I'm talkin' about!
of course, it was served on a fancy triangular shaped plate,
which a red raspberry sauce swirled across the plate before the cheesecake slice was placed there... and then some blueberries placed here and there just for good looks.

I had to basically roll out of the booth when the night was over!

Our drive home was just as lively as the drive down. A few more yawns maybe
but still great. And by 11:30 we were tumbling into bed, tired, happy, satisfied.

And love~love~love woven into every moment...

I'd do it again.

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  1. hello to you Robyn! thanks for stopping by my blog! seems like we have a lot in common and i don't think we must live very far away from each other!! i'm on Doran Rd, south of Acme. LOVE LOVE LOVE Cedar Springs! we have our women's retreat there every year. glad to find you.


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